At Advisor Consultancy our team of architects & Interior Designers can provide you with high quality of Floor planning for you properties in your projects.
If you are a property owner, agent or developer, you want potential buyers to fully appreciate the value of your property. Our custom 3D floor plans allow the viewer to see the space in its full dimension. Many buyers have difficulty interpreting standard floor plans, but anyone can easily understand a 3D floor plan due to the natural perspective it provides. Custom 3D floor plans clearly illustrate the spatial relationships between rooms, entry and exit points, window and door placements, and other architectural elements.
Help Buyers See Themselves in your Property
With the addition of furniture, floor coverings, countertops and cabinets, your potential buyer or investor will get a clear view of what their life could be like in the new space.
We can take your floor plan to the next level with our exclusive 3D interactive floor plan. With this product, a 3D floor plan is integrated within a 360 degree virtual tour, so your buyer can see the aerial floor plan view in tandem with an eye-level panorama. This illuminates the aesthetic appeal of your space in a way that can’t otherwise be achieved without physically visiting the property.
Benefits of a Custom 3D Floor Plan
Affordability. With available technology, we can produce high quality 3D floor plans very economically. Using our repeatable process and library of furnishings, fixtures, and appliances, we can quickly deliver images that are more compelling than 2D floor plans would ever be.
Quality. Our floor plans are high quality and are superior to the low-end images produced by do-it-yourself floor plan designer packages. We can customize the look to synchronize with your brand and established look. We can add realistic furniture and decor that will further enhance the look.
Variability. The location of neighboring buildings or landscape features can be placed around your 3D floor plan. We can create eye-level interior perspectives which will illustrate the view a buyer will see from their windows.
Flexibility. 3D floor plans can be created from your blueprints or an existing 2D floor plan. We work with partial buildings (as in a room, a floor, or a remodelling project) or entire structures. We even accept sketches (must be drawn to scale with detailed measurements and ceiling heights). We output your 3D floor plan at the right resolution for final use, whether it be online or in print, DVD or broadcast.
Interactivity. Your floor plan can be animated in a variety of ways. It can be set to rotate with the viewer controlling the movement and selecting different perspectives. Controls can be made available which can interactively turn furniture and room dimensions on and off.
Contact Us to discuss your project and learn more about the ways 3D floor plans can help promote your property!

here is a sample of what we done lately in a medium budget project

original project view


the project after we floor plan it







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