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Thank you for chosen Advisor Consultancy, in Advisor we promise you The Quality, Time & Coast Saving 


We started Advisor by making special advices in the field we specialized our-selves into which is engineering designs, as a beginning and as our Architecture background we started at the year 2002 in designing architecture & interiors for our clients. Nowadays, and exactly since the year 2008 we toke on our shoulders the responsibility to become a full designing house, providing the Architecture & civil services such:

Architecture Section

- Urban planning

- Architectural planning

- Interior designing

- 3D Modeling &Visualization

- Scale Modeling

- Material Submits

- Quantity & Coast Report

- MEP Work Designing

- Landscape designs


Civil Engineering Section

- Supervision

- Coast Management

- Time Scheduling

- Quality Control



Our designing process includes 10 major steps as in order:

1-Understanding the Project & client needs 

2-Surveying and inspection of the area of the project  

3-Creating General Site Layout

4-Architectural designing & Submitting

5-Structural designing

6-Infra Structure/landscape/roads designing 

7-Interior design

8-Show-real visualization

9-Bill Of Quantity

10-Coast Estimating 

We are proud of long-term effective partnerships with our clients!

Being a partner, not a service provider, in all our projects we make valuable contributions into our clients' business development and progress by providing high-Quality Architecture designing, urban planning, interior designing & visualization services. 

We hope this short introduction can describe a little about who we are & what we can do.


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